Can we repurpose existing drugs for new mental health treatments? How can we create new anti-malaria drugs?
How does what we eat affect our mood?

These are just a few of the questions that we work to answer. Our research themes work both independently and collaboratively to explore and discover new solutions to complex mental and physical health problems.

Our research

“At IMPACT we strive to conduct the highest quality research to bring tangible benefits to the communities we serve. The Institute brings together world-class researchers, early and mid-career scientists and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines to solve complex health problems.”

Our research

Our research is conducted under seven major research themes. Our themes bring together diverse groups of researchers who work to find solutions to complex mental and physical health problems. We have an emphasis on creating translatable research that can be taken from our scientific studies into real-world solutions for our community.

We collaborate with national and international partners from universities, health care providers and philanthropic organisations to increase our impact. Our research is vital to tackling some of the most disabling and common mental and physical health conditions that we face today. There’s more to discover. Find out more about our seven research themes below.