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How a simple blood test could predict future cognitive decline

Could our blood be the key to identifying the biological markers that predict dementia before its onset? PhD student Kanika Mehta explores the possibilities.   Dementia – it’s a...


IMPACT joins Science and Technology Australia

Deakin University has announced it has joined Science & Technology Australia, Australia’s peak body in science and technology. Four of Deakin’s world-class research institutes and strategic research centres joined...


New research to explore treatments for major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder

The CADET Trials A new series of exciting clinical trials will explore the effect of a commonly used blood pressure medication as a treatment for bipolar and depression. Please...

Clinical Trials

Six IMPACT researchers named among world’s most influential

Deakin’s IMPACT Celebrates six Researchers on Highly Cited Researchers 2021 List. IMPACT is proud to announce that six of our academics have been named on the annual Highly Cited...


Prof Michael Berk elected to Academy of the Social Sciences

Director of IMPACT, Prof Michael Berk has been elected to the Academy of the Social Sciences 37 of Australia’s leading social scientists have been elected as Fellows of the...


Executive Dean to improve heart disease patients’ care journeys with NHMRC Ideas Grant

An innovative new project hopes to improve patient care journeys for Australian women living with coronary heart disease, thanks to National and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding. Deakin University...


Build Brains Better

Deakin’s IMPACT Leads Science-Inspired Investing for Brain Health and Skills for the Future A new neuroscience-informed policy and economics initiative is formalising and advancing the concept of ‘Brain Capital’....

Brain Capital


IMPACT TRIALS is made up of a team of passionate researchers, students, research assistants and volunteers. Our IMPACT TRIALS team sits within our Clinical Trials and Interventions theme. Find...

Clinical Trials

New research about ways people can manage bipolar disorder

New research projects are exploring ways to enhance the wellbeing of both people with bipolar disorder and those closest to them. The new programs are currently recruiting adults with...

Research news

New research to explore shoulder replacements for osteoarthritis sufferers

A new National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research project will explore shoulder replacements to bring life-changing discoveries to those living with osteoarthritis.   Deakin University was recently awarded...

Orthopaedic Research

How To Live Younger on ABC

Cutting through the hype, the scientific ‘hacks’ to help improve our lives Ever wondered about the secrets to living a long, healthy and happy life? How To Live Younger is...


Blood holds the key to dementia detection

The early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease via a simple blood test is on track to becoming a reality thanks to research from the Novel Treatment Discovery theme.  The research...