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Stress can cause heart attacks. Could tackling workplace bullying save lives?

The sad passing of Kimberley Kitching and Shane Warne (both 52) from suspected cardiac conditions has put a spotlight on the causes of heart disease. In recent days, attention...

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New clinical guidelines for the use of medicinal plants

New findings from a major international review examining the ‘best of the best’ available scientific evidence reveals which nutraceuticals (nutrient-based natural products) and phytoceuticals (plant-based natural products) are beneficial...

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Water really can provide some relief from anxiety and help us see the glass half full

  Many Australians can feel overwhelmed at some stage of their life with feelings of tension, nervousness and fear for the worst. A staggering 3.2 million Australians have an...

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Meet the CREDIT team

CREDIT was established in 2018 after being awarded a grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council. The Centre of Research Excellence for the Development of Innovative Therapies...

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Q&A Session: World Bipolar Day 2022

This event has now ended. If you were unable to attend this insightful Q&A session, or would like to revisit this very important and interesting session, click here to...


‘Doing your own research’ – what you need to know

At the Food & Mood Centre, we are often contacted by the general public asking us questions about a new therapy (device, product, supplement, program, ‘super food’) they have...

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Moody foods: the link between poor diet and mood disorders

Unhealthy diets before and during a pregnancy could contribute to greater risk of perinatal depression and anxiety.  With as many as one in five Australian women likely to experience...

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Time for united action on depression

The Lancet: Overlooked and underfunded experts call for united action to reduce the global burden of depression The world is failing to tackle the persisting and increasingly serious global...

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A healing mind

Over the past two decades, drug discovery has come to a near standstill for psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. Gaps in understanding held back improvements...

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5 things research from twins taught us about health, behaviour and what makes us unique

Researchers often compare the differences between identical and fraternal twins to better understand health and behaviour. The first major insight is that genes and environments almost always combine to...

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Our top stories of 2021

Awards, medals, millions of dollars in funding, and even a big TV appearance – if 2021’s top headlines are to go by, it was a jam-packed year for IMPACT...


2021 Barwon Health and Deakin Research Awards

Barwon Health and Deakin University are committed to recognising and supporting the next generation of clinician researchers and scientists through the 2021 Barwon Health and Deakin University (BH DU)...

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