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The future is bright for Barwon Health Research

As the last few years have shown, we live in highly dynamic times. Now more than ever, our choices must be informed by science. Barwon Health is delighted to...

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Co-existence of hepatosteatosis and skeletal muscle fat infiltration

Accumulation of fat in the liver (hepatosteatosis) and muscle (myosteatosis) affects normal physiological functioning, leading to poorer health outcomes. But what is the concurrence of these two conditions in...


Why learning to surf can be great for your mental health, according to a psychologist

Why learning to surf can be great for your mental health, according to a psychologist Ferne Millen/Ocean Minds, Author provided Lisa Olive, Deakin University Nothing clears the mind like going...

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Our top stories of 2022

2022 marked another major year for IMPACT – it was jam packed with awards, funding and media appearances. See just a few of our highlights below. Professor Felice Jacka’s...

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Deakin and Barwon Health partner in new centre for disease research

A new Geelong-based research centre will contribute to global efforts to prevent, control and treat infectious and immune-related diseases, including COVID-19, Buruli Ulcer, malaria and asthma. The Centre for...

Infectious Diseases

Nurture, not pollute, our brains to secure the future

Brain science-inspired policy continues to advance  The OECD has invited Nobel laureates and many of the world’s leading thinkers from government, the private sector and academia to debate innovative...

Brain Capital

New guidelines to help diagnose and treat muscle loss in elderly

A new set of international guidelines aims to improve the clinical treatment of muscle loss, or sarcopenia, a common condition in older adults that severely impacts quality of life...


Pharmacogenetics: prescribing antidepressants with genetic precision

A new spin-off company has been launched thanks to ground-breaking research from a Deakin team. Professor Ajeet Singh had an idea to refine the treatment of mental health disorders,...


Magda’s Big National Health Check on ABC

Magda Szubanski uncovers our physical and mental health challenges as a nation, and explores how we can all live healthier lives – herself included.   Professor Felice Jacka from...


IMPACT researchers named in top one per cent globally

Thirteen Deakin University academics have been named among the world’s most influential researchers in their fields following the release of 2022 Clarivate™ Highly Cited Researchers™ list. Five of the...

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From life science to neuroscience

A wide-ranging career in life sciences has created the perfect backdrop for Dr Kunal Dhiman and his research into the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  Dr Dhiman...

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Deakin’s IMPACT celebrates NHMRC Investigator Grant success

Deakin University projects that aim to improve the mental health of Australians have received more than $3.9 million in funding through the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)...