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Putting gut health under the microscope

For 14 years, Dr Leni Rivera has explored the link between intestinal health, nutrition and metabolic disorders.  Her research has gathered strength in that time, she has led projects...

Gut Microbiome

Researchers provide missing data for new bone health tool

The wealth of data collected via the Geelong Osteoporosis Study continues to contribute to the development of new technology, with a recent study revealing how its data can be...


How drugs can deliver the benefits of exercise

Exercise is an important aspect of leading a long and healthy life – its benefits affect all parts of the human body from our major organs to our skeletal...

Molecular Medicine

The future of Brain Capital

Brain Capital has taken another leap forward thanks to a global collective effort called the Brain Capital Alliance, which was recently launched via a series of events across Europe.  ...

Brain Capital

Unmasking biological pathways for new anti-malaria drugs

Malaria parasites are growing increasingly resistant to anti-malaria drugs, with the current front-line drug, Artemisinin, showing signs of waning efficacy.  But research undertaken in the Host-Pathogen Interaction group led...

Infectious Diseases

Meet Alfred Deakin Professor Felice Jacka

The title of Alfred Deakin Professor is the most prestigious honour that the University can bestow on its staff. And recently, Felice Jacka’s position as an Alfred Deakin Professor...

Meet the team

Learning from viruses to boost protection

Meet Dr Vinod Sundaramoorthy. For him, viruses can be considered as friends or foes. His job – to understand which is which and how viruses invade and damage a...

Meet the team

Diet a vital key for roadmap to mental health shared care

A systemic shift in mental health care, including a greater emphasis on the role dietitians can play in mental health treatment, could be on the horizon if a national...

Food and Mood

You can’t bake the same cake twice

How twins can help us understand what makes us who we are We are writing to you to provide RSV members with some interesting new information about how twin...

Research news

PIMs list study steps closer to reducing medication-related harm in older Aussies

IMPACT researchers have narrowed down the lists of potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) in a recent study that revealed Australian clinicians need to look beyond well-known PIMs lists and instead...

Research news

The network linking research to community

For the past nine years the Community and Research Network (CARN) has provided an opportunity for TRIALS researchers to connect directly with those who have mental and physical health...

Clinical Trials

Brain Capital: A New Investment Approach for Late-Life Well-Being

To solve late-life brain challenges spanning dementias, depression, anxiety, social isolation, workplace changes and disinformation — a novel approach is needed. Could an economic focus on brain health be...

Brain Capital