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Clear evidence for a link between pro-inflammatory diets and 27 chronic diseases

Here’s how you can eat better Almost half of all Australians live with a chronic disease, which contribute to some 90% of deaths. It’s no secret our diet can...

Food and Mood

Breaking silos to propel mental health innovation

A team of global experts has published a roadmap for improving mental health by artfully combining various emerging, novel and proven technologies. Now more than ever, we are in...


How opioids drive our salt consumption

Our brains have a hardwired salt craving, quite literally. Throughout our evolutionary history, salt has been vital for human survival, and an incredibly rare resource. Consequently, we’ve evolved neuronal...

Drug Addiction

Returning to work after a stroke

A new research study, utilising telehealth support to help survivors of stroke return to work is among recipients of the Stroke Foundation 2021 Research Grants program. Dr Alyna Turner...

Research news

Skeletal muscle density and cognitive function: the body-brain crosstalk

Low muscle density is considered a sign of fat infiltration into muscle. The consequences of fat infiltration into skeletal muscle include mobility disability and metabolic impairment. Middle-age obesity is...


Eating our way to better mental health

The body is an interconnected organism: we know the quality of our diets can affect its ability to function, both positively and negatively. And according to research, the food...


From the head to the heart: mental illness putting women’s heart health at risk

The Heart and Mind research group at Deakin University’s Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation (IMPACT) is dedicated to understanding the link between cardiovascular and mental...

Heart and Mind

From space missions to social distancing: managing mental health on Earth and Mars

Interplanetary travel is exciting business. But a mission to Mars is not without its challenges – stress, microgravity, prolonged confinement, and limited exposure to sunlight can all impact an...

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Two hands touching

Holding back the blues: prevention research for older people

Approximately 10 to 15 per cent of older people experience depression. A miracle pill to banish the black dog for good would be helpful. But, research from Deakin University’s...


Could a better diet improve mental health?

If you want to do right by the planet, the general advice is to eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables, as well as whole grains and nuts, and...


Changing how we view eye conditions

Growing up we were always told too much TV would make our eyes go square. But fast forward a few years and researchers are increasingly turning to virtual reality...


Getting creative for our mental health

Humans have been creating since prehistoric times, when our ancestors left their first marks on cave walls. Creativity is an inherent part of being human. But the demands of...

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