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New study finds gender differences in Australian Football injuries

Traditionally AFL has been a male dominated sport and research has focused on male participants. However, female participation in the sport has increased substantially in recent years. In 2019,...

Molecular Medicine

Dietary interventions in obesity linked to changes in gut bacteria

At Deakin’s Food & Mood Centre, Professor Felice Jacka and her team are working in the exciting new field of nutritional psychiatry, aiming to understand the complex ways in...

Food and Mood

IMPACT annual report

Today we are celebrating the launch of our 2020 annual report.  2020 revealed many things about the world around us, and for IMPACT it revealed our unrelenting commitment to...

Research news

Low mood could affect the diagnosis of sarcopenia

The Geelong Osteoporosis Study (GOS) suggests that current operational definitions for sarcopenia have overlooked assessment problems for older people with symptoms of depression. The term sarcopenia originally meant ‘poverty...


IMPACT researchers awarded OAM

Two IMPACT researchers are among the Australian’s recognised in The Queen’s Birthday Honours list for 2021. Both, Professor Eugene Athan and Professor Felice Jacka were awarded the Order of...

Research news

Lowering inflammation to treat mental health: the burgeoning field of immuno-psychiatry

Our immune systems are a key part of the mental health puzzle. Immune systems play a key role in keeping us healthy. Our bodies rely on them to destroy...

Body and Brain

Clear evidence for a link between pro-inflammatory diets and 27 chronic diseases

Here’s how you can eat better Almost half of all Australians live with a chronic disease, which contribute to some 90% of deaths. It’s no secret our diet can...

Food and Mood

New research to explore Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a complex and disabling disease that affects many parts of the body, including the brain and muscles, as well as the digestive, immune...

Chronic Fatigue

Breaking silos to propel mental health innovation

A team of global experts has published a roadmap for improving mental health by artfully combining various emerging, novel and proven technologies. Now more than ever, we are in...


How opioids drive our salt consumption

Our brains have a hardwired salt craving, quite literally. Throughout our evolutionary history, salt has been vital for human survival, and an incredibly rare resource. Consequently, we’ve evolved neuronal...

Drug Addiction

Returning to work after a stroke

A new research study, utilising telehealth support to help survivors of stroke return to work is among recipients of the Stroke Foundation 2021 Research Grants program. Dr Alyna Turner...

Research news

Skeletal muscle density and cognitive function: the body-brain crosstalk

Low muscle density is considered a sign of fat infiltration into muscle. The consequences of fat infiltration into skeletal muscle include mobility disability and metabolic impairment. Middle-age obesity is...