2020 Grants

New Grants

NHMRC Synergy Grants (GA66063)

Solving the long-standing evidence-practice gap associated with cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease (SOLVE-CHD)

Redfern J, Briffa T, Gallagher R, Jennings G, Bauman A, Wood D, Ratcliffe J, Brieger D, A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil


2020 / 5 years

NHMRC Synergy Grants (GNT1185354)

Multidisciplinary catalyst to discover and progress novel antimalarial drugs

Prof Susan Charman, Prof Tania De Koning-Ward, Dr Paul Gilson


2020 / 5 years

Medical Research Future Fund (MRF1152063)

A randomised controlled trial, of N-Acetyl Cysteine, for premanifest Huntingtin gene expansion carriers (NAC-preHD)

Prof Michael Berk


2020 / 5 years

Wellcome Trust

Australian Early Psychosis Collaborative Consortium (AEPCC). Clinical Registry (CR) & Clinical Trial & Translation Network

Prof Michael Berk


2020 / 5 years

Medical Research Future Fund Neurological Disorders Grant

Does repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), compared to sham rTMS, improve social communication in adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Peter Enticott, Paul Fitzgerald, Karen Barlow, Ian Hickie, Melissa Licari, Nigel Rogasch, Christel Middeldorp, Scott Clark, Ann-Maree Vallence, Kelsie Boulton, Prof Jeffrey Craig (AI)


2020 / 4 years

MRFF Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet Need (APP1199726)

Bone loss prevention with zoledronic acid or denosumab in postmenopausal critically ill women trial (Bone Zone Trial)

Prof Neil Orford, Center JR, Nair PA, Bellomo R, Hodgson C, Prof Mark Kotowicz, Prof Julie Pasco, Bailey M


2020 / 6 years

NHMRC (APP1196396)

Stopping Buruli ulcer in Victoria

Stinear T, Gibney K, Johnson P, Hoffmann A, O’Brien D, Lynch S, Crouch S, Prof Eugene Athan, Meredith A, Golding N


2020 / 4 years

NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Study (APP1188936)

Prevention of wheeze-associated hospitalisation in pre-schoolers with the immunomodulatory OM85 a multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial

Prof Peter Vuillermin

NHMRC (GNT1180825)

The Candesartan Adjunctive Major Depression Trial – CADET: A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Prof Michael Berk, Malhi G, Ng C, Hopwood M, Fernandes B, Gwini S, Amerena J, Chatterton M-L, Williams L


2020 / 5 years

NHMRC - Investigator Grant (APP1174060)

Understanding the interplay between mental disorders, treatment regimens and physical disease

A/Prof Lana Williams


2020 / 5 years

NHMRC Targeted Call for Research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Grant Opportunity (GNT1199363)

Using omics to unravel the pathophysiology and repurpose drugs to treat ME/CFS

Prof Ken Walder, Prof Michael Berk, Dr Chiara Bortolasci, Prof Sean Mcgee, Bruce C, Dr Wolf Marx

MRFF COVID-19 Mental Health Research Grant (MRF2005584)

Evaluating the effectiveness of lifestyle therapy versus standard psychotherapy for reducing depression in adults with COVID-19 related distress: The CALM trial

A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil, Prof Felice Jacka, Speight J, Yucel M, Versace V, Rosenbaum S, Teychenne M, Lagopoulos J, Absetz P, Chatterton ML, Prof Michael Berk


2020 / 18 months

NHMRC Ideas Grant (APP1182000)

Deciphering the molecular constituents, assembly and structure of the Plasmodium new permeability pathways

Prof Tania de Koning-Ward, Martin R, Modak J


2020 / 3 years

Sport Australia.Move it Aus Grant

The PEPL approach to development early physical literacy through PE and sport. A state based rollout model

Telford RD, Telford R, Dr Lisa Olive

NHMRC Ideas Grant (APP1184927)

Screening for primary aldosteronism: Outcomes, Economics and Biomarkers

Yang J, Stowasser M, Russel G, Stella May Gwini


2020 / 4 years

Victorian Government Department Jobs, Precincts and Regions

The long-term physical and psychological consequences of COVID-19 infection: a comparative observational study in Regional Victoria

Prof Eugene Athan, Dr Darcie Cooper, Prof Peter Vuillermin


2020 / 1 year

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), WA Child Research Fund

DNA Methylation Biomarkers of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Informing FASD diagnosis

Martino D, Symons M, Lister R et al, Prof Jeffrey Craig

Amgen Inc (Prolia GCGP)

A comprehensive assessment of impact microindentation for identifying high-risk osteoporosis individuals in a population-based setting

Prof Julie Pasco, Prof Mark Kotowicz, Dr Kara Kew, Prof Richard Page


2020 / 1 year

Office of Naval Research Global (US Navy) (N62909-21-1-2002 )

Examining colour usage in next generation displays when using Laser Eye Protection- maximising visual attention capacity and reducing cognitive burden

Dr Amanda Douglass, Hammond D, Nahavandi S, Hossny M, Iskander J, Prof James Armitage

Department of Education, South Australia

Implementation and efficacy of the South Australia PEPL approach for improving youth physical literacy

Telford R, Telford RD, Dr Lisa Olive

Waterloo Foundation - Child Development Grant

Healthy Parents Healthy Kids: Development of a dietary educational program for pregnant women

Prof Felice Jacka, A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil, Dr Heidi Staudacher


2020 / 3 years

Department of Health and Human Services

Epidemic Thunderstorm Asthma Forecast

A/Prof Cenk Suphioglu


2020 / 6 months

Sport Australia

Implementation and efficacy of the PEPL approach for improving youth physical literacy

Telford R, Telford RD, Dr Lisa Olive

Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (Minister's Award - Australian Eggs Award)

Development of a culture system that simulates the gut microbiome for identifying effective novel antimicrobials

Dr Meagan Craven

Department of Health and Human Services - Victoria

Data Analysis: Review of Food Standards in Victorian Public Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities

A/Prof Lana Williams


2020 / 6 months

MS Research Australia

Fellowship top up

Dr Wolfgang Marx


2020 / 1 year

The Serp Hills Foundation

Nutritional Psychiatry: Education & Training

Prof Felice Jacka


2020 / 1 year

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Targeting site specific improvements of clinical trial operational processes

A/Prof Lana Williams


2020 / 6 months

Ongoing Grants


Centre of Research Excellence – Infectious Disease Emergency Response

Lewin, Sorrell, McVernon, Webb, Kaldor, Andrews, Cheng, Gilbert, Smith, Prof Soren Alexandersen


2017 / 5 years

ARC (IC170100022)

ARC Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering

Zreiqat H, Suaning G, Feng D, Berndt C, Li Q, Dunstan C, Kim J, McEwan A, Chandrawati R, Li JJ, Kumar A, Fulham M, Al Muderis M, Rutkove S, Smith W, Kappelt G, Sadeghpour M, Lu W, Dr Richard Williams, Nisbet D, Ivanova E.

DFAT (APP1153241)

Stronger Surveillance and Systems Support for Rapid Identification and Containment of Resurgent or Resistant Vector Borne Pathogens in Papua New Guinea

Robinson L, Laman M, Mueller I, Lavu E, John L, Karl S, Morgan C, A/Prof Alyssa Barry, Fowkes F, Beebe N


2018 / 4 years

NHMRC Project Grant (APP1128147)

A randomised controlled trial of the safety and efficacy of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) as a pharmacotherapy for methamphetamine (‘ice’) dependence.

McKetin R, A/Prof Olivia Dean, Lubman D, Dietze P, Higgs P, Ikelly P, Dr Alyna Turner, Quinn B, Carter G, Prof Michael Berk (A)


Randomised controlled trial of the RECOVER tailored psychological intervention for the first episode bipolar disorder

Prof Michael Berk (AI)


2017 / 6 years

NHMRC (APP114333)

Quantifying the role of epigenetic factors in neurocognitive outcomes: a twin study

Prof Jeffrey Craig, Seal M, Silk T, Burnet A, Theda C, Scurrah K


2017 / 5 years

NHMRC (APP1164212)

A longitudinal population-based study of the development of cardiovascular risk in early childhood

David Burgner, Richard Saffery, Markus Juonala, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Deborah Lawlor, Mihai Netea, Fiona Collier, Professor Peter Vuillermin (AI)

NHMRC Project Grant (APP1139125)

Quinlink: Accessible smoking cessation support for people living with severe and enduring mental illness

Baker A, Borland R, Bonevski B, Castle D, Williams J, Segan C, Kelly P, Dr Alyna Turner, Brophy L, Sweeney R


2018 / 6 years

NHMRC (APP1161066)

The genetic detyerminants of antigenic escape in malaria parasites

A/Prof Alyssa Barry, Harrison S, Tsuboi T


2019 / 4 years

NHMRC Project Grant (APP1122189)

The pubertal onset of mental disorders and early substance abuse

Prof Felice Jacka (AI)


2017 / 4 years

NHMRC MRFF - Clinical Trials and Registries funding (APP1152317)

A randomised placebo-controlled trial of combined mitochondrial agents for the treatment of fatigue and depression in multiple sclerosis with an assessment of the impact on kynurenine pathway metabolomics

Ponsonby A-L, Lucas R, Taylor B, van der Mel I, Prof Felice Jacka, Dr Brisa Fernandes, Broadley S, Lechner SJ, Vukcevic D, Christodoulou J, Mason D, Butzkueven H, Prof Michael Berk (AI)

The Wilson Foundation

For research linking the human gut microbiome to mental and brain health

Prof Felice Jacka


2018 / 6 years

NHMRC (APP1147980)

Maternal carriage of Prevotella during pregnancy influences offspring innate immune responses and asthma at age 7

Prof Peter Vuillermin, Macia L, Sly P, Mackey C, Ranganathan S, Collier F

NHMRC (APP1139153)

Role of plasmepsin V and PTEX complex in Plasmodium liver infection

Boddey J, Prof Tania de Koning-Ward, Rogers K, Kneteman N


2018 / 3 years

NHMRC (APP1141906)

Defining Host and Parasite Mechanisms that Drive Asymptomatic Malaria

A/Prof Alyssa Barry, Robinson L, Tsuboi T, Kazura J


2019 / 3 years

NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship (APP1136829)

Outcome prediction, stratification and novel treatments in individuals at Ultra High Risk of psychosis

Prof Alison Yung

NHMRC (APP1165801)

Pharmacological modulation of the relaxin-3/RXFP3 neuropeptide system for controlling feeding

Rosengren KJ, Gundlach A, Bathgate R, Prof Sean McGee (AI), Dr Craig Smith

NIH (3U19AI129387-03S1 )

ICEMR-Mali: Multidisciplinary research for malaria control and prevention in West Africa

Seydou D et al. and A/Prof Alyssa Barry


2019 / 2 years

NHMRC (APP1128198)

Functional resolution of PTEX, the exporter of virulence factors in malaria parasites

Crabb BS, T Beddoe, Prof Tania Koning-Ward, PR Gilson


2017 / 4 years

NHMRC (APP1179330)

Protecting the mental health of small-medium enterprise owners: evaluating real-world approaches to mental health first aid and client-relationship building training for small business advisers

Noblet A, Tanewski G, Prof Michael Berk, Walker A, LaMontagne A, Reavley N

NHMRC (APP1162867)

Antipsychotics and Osteoporosis: Mechanisms and Clinical Consequences

A/Prof Lana Williams, Prof Julie Pasco, Dr Jason Hodge, Dr Y Gibert, Dr V Laudet


2019 / 2 years

Heart Foundation. Heart foundation Future Leadership Fellowship (110160)

Improving the mental health of Australians following heart attack

A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil


2017 / 5 years

Fernwood Fitness sponsorship

Post-doctoral research fellowship and associated support

Prof Felice Jacka


2017 / 3 years

NHMRC (APP1158951)

The role of extracellular matrix enzymes in influenza virus infection

Prof John Stambas, A/Prof R Tripp, Dr S Apte


2019 / 2 years

NHMRC Career Development Fellowship R.D. Wright Biomedical (CDF Level 2) (APP1145634)

Integrated exploration of novel therapies for depression

A/Prof Olivia Dean


2018 / 4 years

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (APP1156909)

Lifestyle strategies for the prevention of common mental disorders: A community based systems approach

Dr Erin Hoare


2019 / 4 years

NHMRC Career Development Fellowship R.D. Wright Biomedical (CDF Level 2) (APP1064272)

Psychaitric disorders, psychotropic agents and bone health: From bench top to bedside

A/Prof Lana Williams


2014 / 7 years

A2Dairy Company

A randomised controlled trial of A2 vs conventional dairy in Australian women

Prof Felice Jacka


2017 / 4 years

ARC (DP180101465)

Multifunctional and environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor systems

Forsyth M, Somers A, Prof Leigh Ackland, Suarez, LM Terryn H


2018 / 3 years

NHMRC (APP1149047)

Identifying novel lipid and genetic signatures of Metabolic disease in early childhood

Peter Meikle, Neerja Kamani, David Burgner, Markus Wenk, Bronwyn Kingwell, Gerard Wong, Richard Saffery, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Prof Peter Vuillermin, Sendhil Velan

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (APP1158487)

Cardiometabolic disease prevention and early intervention: identifying pathways to better health

Dr Lisa Olive

NHMRC (APP1165233)

Using social media data to identify markers of depression risk among individuals: A longitudinal cohort study

O’Dea B, Larsen M, Venkatesh S Phung D, Glozier N, Prof Michael Berk


2019 / 2 years

ARC (GA2206-V1)

Genomic diversity, tolerance and ecology of wildlife disease

Bennett A, Prof Soren Alexandersen, Berg M, Edwards S


2018 / 3 years

Bourne Foundation

Improved detection of neuroendocrine cancers

Prof ML Ackland, Michalczyk, A, Callahan, D, Khasraw M


2019 / 2 years

ARC Linkage (LP180100035)

Gender Equality in Australia: impact on social, economic and health outcomes

Milner A, Kavanagh A, Hewitt B, Bentley R, A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil, King T, Sojo V


2019 / 2 years

NHMRC (APP1141906)

Transcriptional effectors of oncogenic ERK signalling in colorectal cancer

A/Prof Amardeep Dhillon, Mariadason JM, Tebbutt N


2019 / 2 years

DFAT (APP1153241)

Stronger Surveillance and Systems Support for Rapid Identification and Containment of Resurgent or Resistant Vector Borne Pathogens in Papua New Guinea

Robinson L, Laman M, Mueller I, Lavu E, John L, Karl S, Morgan C, A/Prof Alyssa Barry, Fowkes F, Beebe N


2018 / 3 years

Defence Health Foundation Grants for Medical Research - Booster grant for 3 years

A trial of N-Acetyl Cysteine for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that has not iproved with normal treatment

Kanaan R, Prof Michael Berk, Back S, Redston S

Deakin University Postdoctoral Fellowship

Reducing gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with depression or anxiety. Is diet therapy feasible and efficacious?

Dr Heidi Staudacher


2018 / 3 years

Jack Brockhoff Foundation Early Career Medical Research Grant (#4334-2017)

A novel approach to modifying the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease: the gut microbiome

Dr Amy Loughman


2017 / 4 years

MS Research Australia


Dr Wolfgang Marx


2019 / 2 years

Norman Beischer Research Foundation

Gestational diabetes and offspring bone health in childhood

Dr Natalie Hyde, Prof Julie Pasco, Prof Peter Vuillermin, Prof Richard Page


2019 / 3 years

Chinese biotech company Suzhou GenePharma

Early cancer detection and treatment. Joint laboratory, established through a collaboration between Deakin University and Suzhou GenePharma

Prof Wei Duan

Australian Rotary Health

Cognitive ageing and the interplay between biological, psychological and environmental factors

Ms Kayla Corney


2019 / 3 years

Australasian Society for Bipolar and Depressive Disorders Ltd

Development of Depression Assist (previously) Icare4depression, A Psychoeducation Website

Dr Lesley Berk


2019 / 1 year

Deakin University

Career Continuity for Researchers who are primary carers

Dr Amy Loughman


2018 / 3 years

Australian Rotary Health

Personality disorder as a moderator of psychiatric clinical outcomes (scholarship top up)

Dr Bianca Kavanagh


2018 / 2 years