Enhancing Brain Power and Enriching Economies

The brain capital industrial strategy, published today by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, is a global call to leverage the incredible power of the human brain in ways previously unimaginable. 

In the strategy, Dr Harris Eyre, Adjunct Associate Professor with IMPACT, explains how strategic investments in research, development, and application of brain-related technologies could nurture an industry that harnesses the full potential of our most valuable resource — our minds. 

Dr Eyre has been making waves around the concept of brain capital, with a recent publication about the food industry and mental health with the Food & Mood Centre’s Professor Felice Jacka.   

Now, Dr Eyre will be heading to New York this week, as Heads of State and Government gather at UN Headquarters for the General Assembly on 18-19 September 2023.  

The launch of the new strategy titled ‘Brain Capital Industrial Strategy’ is in perfect timing to bring together world leaders.  

The paper is also co-authored by IMPACT Director, Alfred Deakin Professor Michael Berk.

‘This is an exciting strategy, we have the chance to reshape industries, enhance lives, and shape a future that defies limits.’ Prof. Berk says.  

Guiding governments to invest in brain capital 

The UN General Assembly is the perfect place to set the global agenda for brain capital for the coming years. The strategy introduces core components that lead governments to invest in brain capital and Dr Eyre is hopeful that these recommendations can bring together the important players. 

‘This is an exciting opportunity, to combine the world of brain capital and economics, on the world stage.’ 

– Dr Harris Eyre

‘This strategy focuses on building economic resilience through an emphasis on cultivating our communities brain health and brain skills to contribute to an innovative and thriving economy,’ Dr Eyre says. 

‘Governments, academia and the private sector need to unite to achieve this goal of improving our brain function and enhancing our potential. 

‘Funding initiatives, research partnerships and open dialogue will be critical to drive this movement forward.’ 

Read the paper ‘Brain Capital Industrial Strategy’ by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

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