Unleash your mind: Pint of Science is back in 2023

Calling all curious minds! Are you ready for two nights of mind-blowing conversations about the latest medical research? Pint of Science is back in 2023 with an exciting lineup of talks.

Join us at Little Creatures, Geelong as we bring together the top researchers from Deakin University and Barwon Health to discuss cutting-edge research on new treatments for common mental health problems. From mysteries of the human body to the role of diet in depression and bipolar disorder, you’ll learn from the best of the best in the industry.

Don’t miss this chance to tap into the brilliance of these remarkable minds and gain insights into the latest advancements in health research happening right here in Geelong! Get more information about Pint of Science in Geelong and purchase your tickets through Pint of Science here.


Feast your mind on these intriguing talks


Mysteries of the Human Body; New and Fascinating Ways to Tackle our Most Common Diseases

Tuesday 23rd May


Can we create an injection to cure Diabetes?

Associate Professor Kat Aston-Mourney

We all probably know someone who has Diabetes. It is a common but potentially life-threatening disease. This talk will highlight some of the scientific advancements and what is being developed to better treat it and perhaps even find a cure.


Influenza Viruses-Nothing to Sneeze at

Professor John Stambas

Influenza viruses remain an ongoing seasonal health concern for Australians. Current intervention strategies have focused almost exclusively on targeting the virus itself. The Stambas group for over a decade has studied host responses and their impact on disease outcomes. We will provide an update on where the field currently stands.



Helping People Recover from Common Mental Health Problems

Wednesday 24th May

This event is being held under Change to Improve Mental Health (CHIME), a collaboration between Barwon Health and Deakin University focussed on reimagining and transforming regional mental healthcare.


How Diet Can Help You Recover from Depression

Dr Melissa Lane

Depression can be a tough nut to crack, but recent research suggests that diet may hold the key to recovery. Discover the latest findings on how what you eat can impact your mental health. 


Brain Stress Pathways and Depression & Bipolar Disorder 

Professor Michael Berk Dr Johnny Park

Delve into the fascinating world of brain stress pathways and their potential role in depression and bipolar disorder. Learn how this groundbreaking research could pave the way for new treatments. 


Could a Pill Help People Come Off ‘Ice’?

Dr Harry Hill Dr Robert Lundin

Explore the groundbreaking research at Deakin University that is investigating whether a commonly used antidepressant tablet can help people overcome addiction to methamphetamine, commonly known as ‘ice’.