2022 Annual Report

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2022 Annual Report for The Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation (IMPACT).  

This report reflects the dedication, hard work and innovation of our team as we strive towards solidifying our position as world leaders in medical research and demonstrating the impact that our research makes in the real world. 

Read our latest Annual Report to hear about how our seven themes bring together world-class researchers, early and mid-career scientists and postgraduate students to solve complex mental and physical health problems. 

In the report, read about the Clinical Interventions theme’s RESET Advisory Group and Network brings together people who have been affected by a stroke and clinicians who are wanting to improve the return-to-work journey for individuals.   

The report also explores how the Food & Mood Centre’s work is playing a key part in supporting our overstretched mental health workforce by developing international clinical guidelines for lifestyle-based mental health care for major depressive disorder.  

Also highlighted is the important work of the Infection, Immunity and Cancer theme’s brand-new Centre for Innovation in Infectious Disease and Immunology Research (CIIDIR), which will create a national network to enhance the response to emerging and existing infectious disease threats both locally and globally. 

The Mental Health and Neuroscience theme provides an update on a new data-sharing initiative, HeSANDA which is set to change the way researchers operate clinical trials by supporting the creation of a national health data asset that supports sharing and reuse of health research data.  

The report delves deeper into the work being done in the Molecular Medicine theme on the important work being done to investigate the eye health of children in the Geelong region through a collaboration with the Barwon Infant Study.  

The Novel Treatment Discovery theme reveals its progress on a drug repurposing project that is exploring the use of a commonly used medication that could be repurposed as a novel treatment for bipolar depression. 

And finally, the report explores how the Population Health theme has contributed to the development of world-first clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the decline of skeletal muscle tissue with age, known as Sarcopenia.  

Read all this and more in the 2022 IMPACT Annual Report. Find the report here.