IMPACT researchers named in top one per cent globally

Thirteen Deakin University academics have been named among the world’s most influential researchers in their fields following the release of 2022 Clarivate™ Highly Cited Researchers™ list. Five of the members are researchers at IMPACT.

The list, produced by the Web of Science Group, identifies researchers who have made the most significant contributions to global research in the past decade and includes those who are ranked in the top 1% of research paper citations.

Of 337 Australian researchers featured on the list, 13 are from Deakin – the highest number of our researchers on the list since its inception. A duo of Deakin researchers have appeared on the list eight consecutive times including this year – Professors Jo Salmon and Alison Yung.

Deakin also ranked ninth among 45 Australian institutions featured on the list, with notable year on year growth.

Congratulations to all our IMPACT 2022 Highly Cited Researchers:


Alfred Deakin Professor Michael Berk, Psychiatry and Psychology



As one of the world’s most influential scientific minds, Prof. Berk is alleviating mental health distress for millions of people. One of his current projects involves repurposing blood pressure medication, to investigate if it’s the key to helping Australian’s living with depression or bipolar disorder.


Dr Andre Carvalho, Psychiatry and Psychology

Honorary Researcher


Dr Carvalho is an expert in evidence-based mental health, reproducibility in neuroscience, consultation-liaison psychiatry and mood and psychotic disorders. He is a psychiatrist working as an honorary researcher at the University.


Associate Professor Olivia Dean, Cross-Field

Theme Leader – Clinical Trials and Interventions


In the thick of clinical trials, Assoc. Prof. Dean is focussing on novel interventions and the underlying biology of psychiatric disorders. She is committed to providing better treatment outcomes by developing new treatments and directly translating research into clinical practice.


Alfred Deakin Professor Felice Jacka OAM, Cross-Field

Theme Leader – Food and Mood


Recognised as the founder of nutritional psychiatry, Prof. Jacka is creating health eating strategies to help minimise impacts of mental health issues like depression. Her work is rewriting the story of nutrition and health, which she was honoured with a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for in 2021.


Professor Alison Yung, Psychiatry and Psychology

Theme Leader – Mental Health Disorders and Neuroscience


Prof. Yung is transforming delivery for people with early psychosis and she was awarded the Founders’ Medal by the Society of Mental Health Research to recognise her career achievements. She created a crucial instrument to assess risk for psychosis, called the Comprehensive Assessment of At Risk Mental States (CAARMS), which continues to be used throughout the world, both for clinical and research purposes.