2020 Annual Report

Today we are celebrating the launch of our 2020 Annual Report. 

2020 revealed many things about the world around us, and for IMPACT it revealed our unrelenting commitment to research. 
This report offers a deep dive into the groundbreaking innovation and exciting discoveries that have come out of our unique research themes in 2020.

Our real-world impact articles provide insight into how our researchers improve the lives of people living with some of the most chronic physical and mental health disorders. 

We reveal how our Fundamental Biosciences theme is using genomic surveillance to help track malaria outbreaks in Papua New Guinea; how the Novel Treatment Discovery theme is contributing to growing research on a blood test that could detect Alzheimer’s disease early; and how the Molecular Medicine team is exploring how crucial the first 1000 days of life is in the development of a child’s gut microbiome and their likelihood of developing a disease.

And that’s just a snippet of what’s inside. You will also get to know our team and find out how they formed a passion for their life-changing research.

Barwon Health is proud to contribute towards the leading research taking place at the IMPACT Institute. It’s no exaggeration to say the global health sector benefits from the IMPACT Institute’s ground-breaking work, as it shapes our understanding of innovative treatments, chronic disease trends and important health risk factors. 

Our community is privileged to host such an internationally-recognised beacon of excellence in the research field, and we congratulate everyone involved who has made a great effort to push through the limitations of a difficult year, while continuing to uphold such incredibly high standards. 

Frances Diver  
Chief Executive Officer, Barwon Health  

Explore the full report on our website here